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As a comprehensive technology enterprise specializing in high-grade copper-clad lamipragmatismnates and bonding sheets for electronic circuits, as a “provincial key project” in Henan Province, the company adheres to the business philosophy of “focus, professionalism,  and innovation” to create “ High-quality, high-performance, high-standard brand strategy is our responsibility


Quality · Innovation


Construction of factory buildings, research and development buildings, office and supporting facilities, and the introduction of internationally advanced copper clad laminate production lines from Japan, the United States and Taiwan.

R & D

Focus · Professional


We are committed to the production and sales of high-performance multi-layer, high-precision HDI, high-speed high-frequency and other high-performance copper clad laminates and bonding sheets.

01  High heat resistance and dimensional stability

The thermal expansion coefficient is small, the heat resistance is high, and the dimensional stability is high. It is our responsibility to create a brand strategy of "high quality, high performance and high standards".


02 Excellent processing performance

Excellent mechanical processability, punching or drilling to reduce tool life and excellent machinability.


03 Excellent heat dissipation

With excellent heat dissipation performance, the extremely low thermal resistance effect can dissipate the heat of components in time, and avoid the temperature rise of components affecting the work quality.


04 Excellent electrical performance

High withstand voltage and low dielectric loss are the right choice for creating quality electronic products.


Mobile phone


Smart device



Communication equipment



Innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing


Integrating design, R&D, production and sales services, it is a comprehensive technology enterprise specializing in high-grade copper-clad laminates and bonding sheets for electronic circuits; products are used in mobile phones, computers, smart devices, automobiles, aerospace, communication equipment. And a variety of high-end electronic products.

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Intelligent production system

The company cites advanced intelligent and automated production equipment such as Taiwan and the United States, aiming to create an intelligent and automated production workshop, which will continuously improve the quality, cost and efficiency of the products.

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