Talent Recruitment

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Talent concept

“People-oriented, character first, dedication-oriented, giving full scope to the talents, and adapting to posts.” are the talent concept of Linzhou Chengyu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd..


Everyone of Linzhou Chengyu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. shall have basic professional ethics, sense of responsibility, solid skills, innovative consciousness and creativity, extensive knowledge and strong learning ability;


The door of Linzhou Chengyu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is open to everyone who is interested in electronic product manufacturing. We welcome every talented person with good character who supports and is willing to join the development of Chengyu. We adhere to the principles of justice, fairness and healthy competition, provide every talent with an excellent development platform, a competitive salary structure and benefits, and provide opportunities for training and personal continuous improvement, so that they can continuously improve themselves and realize their personal value in a challenging working environment.

Recruitment Position

Salary and benefits

Salary and benefits

The salary of general workers and electricians is RMB 4,000~8,000; and the salary of R&D assistant is negotiable.

Five social insurances, vacations, legal leave, free staff meals, allowances, subsidies, holiday benefits, birthday gifts, etc.;

Salary and benefits

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Workshop operator/general worker

Job requirements:

No gender limitation, 20-40 years old;
Junior high school education or above;Have good personal qualities, work seriously and meticulously, and have a strong sense of responsibility;

Those with working experience in electronics factory are preferred.

R&D assistant

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree, major in polymer;
Be familiar with copper clad laminate process flow, process standard and product performance;Those have experience in electronic materials R&D are preferred (those without experience can be trained).


Job requirements::

Male only, with electrician professional qualification certificate or special electrician operation certificate, and at least 2 years relevant working experience;
Have electrical professional knowledge, management ability of substation and distribution facilities, and be familiar with safety specifications and operation specifications;
Be proficient in installation and maintenance of high and low voltage lines, motors and electrical equipment;Have strong sense of responsibility, practical ability, careful and rigorous work, good communication and coordination skills and sense of teamwork.